Starwind V2V Image Converter FreeVirtual machines are blessing and can be useful for home users and professionals alike. Whenever I’m testing some new system configuration ideas, trying software or learning how to remove newest virus, I can do it without fear for my system. I get to check on niche OSes like Aros and Haiku without need for server farm in my room. I was using VMWare Workstation recently as they offer 30-day trial, but found it too heavy on resources – with my moderate usage and one VM at most, four Windows Services are overkill.

It’s back to Windows Virtual PC for me. Unfortunately Microsoft virtual machine doesn’t recognize disk images other than it’s native format. You can convert live drive to virtual disk but can’t import VMWare Workstation files which are in an open format. Good luck trying to find support on Microsoft website, their solutions aren’t helpful or are hidden behind dead links.

Read after break to learn how to convert *.vmdk to *.vhd for free in Windows

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