Welcome to Laptop Doctor!

On this blog you’ll find articles covering my IT and electronics related endavours. Main areas Laptop Doctor will focus on are:

  • Laptop and PC hardware troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Windows OS tips and tools
  • Amiga 500 hardware projects
  • Other electronic projects
  • Software reviews

I like tinkering with hardware and software. I dissasembled my first PC withing 24 hours of purchase and since then I always enjoyed playing at component level. Got my first computer, Commodore 64 with 5.25″ floppy drive at the age of 10. Although always fascinated with Amigas I haven’t got one until recently. I plan to expand it with DIY hardware, learning more about electronic design in the process.


Besides IT I’m big science fiction and cyberpunk fan. I don’t watch as much anime as I used to, moving recently towards western animation. I follow NewSpace developments and hope to go to space one day, preferably to the sound of drum and bass tunes all the way to the orbit.


Hope you’ll find Laptop Doctor informative!