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Most of the Amigas in the wild spend recent years hidden in the attics and cupboards. There are multiple reports of people rescuing A500 computers from skips and garages. Chances are that hardware you got haven’t been stored in optimal conditions. Layers of dust (if only) and ageing components create deadly mix with effects ranging from various errors crippling your machine to serious motherboard failure.

I know you’d like to play games, watch demos or use utility software as soon as possible, but it’s of paramount importance to perform thorough hardware check up beforehand. It will ensure long and healthy life of hardware, preventing future faults and will benefit you with better understanding of Amiga hardware architecture.

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Dave posted excellent teardown of Amiga 500 on EEVBlog

X500 Plus Prototype

I have to admit, I’m blown by Loriano Pagni’s project. Inspired by classic Amiga 500 form factor he spent last 7 years working on X500 Plus custom case. During this time he hand crafted 5 different prototypes as project evolved.

Designed mainly with AmigaNG and Classic hardware requirements in mind, X500 Plus is surprisingly versatile. If you’re planning retrocomputing project, crave PowerPC goodness in your desktop, need compact FPGA platform or just want to have unique PC to remind you of days long gone, X500 Plus is for you.

It is well thought out and carefully planned construction that goes far beyond novelty factor or nostalgia appeal. It offers more than enough expansion and customisation options to make your dream keyboard computer come true. Continue reading